The association improves education in Senegal. Each year, it enables 3,000 disadvantaged children, who have never been to school or who left it too early, to attend school and receive a good education. Thanks to the education available to them, these children are better protected against abuse, such as forced labor or early marriage, and have real prospects for the future. They can train for a trade or continue their studies. Thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired in primary school, they have the necessary background to continue their education in secondary school or to do an apprenticeship to learn a trade.

A. Girls’ education

The AJUPS pays particular attention to the education of girls, who in some regions of Senegal are still few able to go to school; forced to stay at home to help with domestic work, they have more difficulty in accessing education than boys. We support girls’ emancipation by providing them with quality basic education. In this way, they too will be able to continue their studies, find a job, provide for their families and lead an independent life. However, a girl’s education is basic to building a better future and increasing her income.

B. Fighting against illiteracy

In many regions of Senegal, illiteracy rates remain high among women in adulthood, due to limited access to education during childhood. Strategies to fight female illiteracy must provide girls with equal access to basic education and ensure that they complete this school cycle. It is also necessary to turn to adult women, through large-scale literacy campaigns, using all modern means available.

C. Distribution of school supplies

Each year, AJUPS makes a donation of school supplies to primary schools in different regions of Senegal.

These gifts, much appreciated by parents, allow children to study well. Many of them had even given up hope that their children would lose the school year because of the lack of money to register and pay for school supplies at the same time.

This is AJUPS by its generosity in the habit of distributing packages of pens, notebooks and slates etc.