In Senegal, children and their parents generally live in a precarious situation due to a low level of resources. This urges AJUPS to strengthen health systems to give everyone and in particular children the same chances of survival and development. We do everything we can to adequately meet the needs of the vulnerable children and mothers we serve, acting in a consistent manner with our values. Being aware that Senegal’s economic development cannot happen without quality education and the good health of its population, the NGO supports local projects that make easy this access to underprivileged children and mothers. Our humanitarian mission is based on the transfer of knowledge and skills that allows populations to be actively involved in their own development. The AJUPS is therefore an international humanitarian aid NGO acting in favor of social issues.

This logic of sustainable development is based on a long-term vision that takes into account the inseparable nature of the environmental, social and economic dimension of development activities.

Idealism for AJUPS is to base its action on the deep conviction that ordinary citizens have the capacity to change Senegal; if they unite their energies in an organized effort and that the particular consideration of the youth is our priority.