The association for the Assistance of Twins and Vulnerable Parents of Senegal was founded thanks to the will displayed by Sokhna Khady MBACKE, who considers that the fate reserved for the most deprived is not fair. According to her, no effort is enough to eradicate this tragedy which is far from being a mere epiphenomenon. This is what justifies, moreover, according to her, the creation of A.J.U.P.S. recognized by the United States Government under the name of International Foundation of Senegalese Twins and Parents (IFSTP).

 The humanitarian NGO AJUPS was created in 2003 to protect these children and support vulnerable families.

The objectives are focused on three main points:

– The social aspect,

– The medical aspect and

-Professional training.

The association is recognized for its work and its 13,000 members and complies with the Convention on Child’s Rights.

It is trustful by respecting the principles formalized in its ethical charter and is authoritative by the signing of a Headquarters Agreement and social approval with the Senegalese Government and the American Government granting it its 501C3 dated September 23, 2015 in New York.

Based on the support of its partners and its members, AJUPS collaborates in particular with the government of Senegal in order to give more impact to its actions across Senegal in order to promote its humanitarian mission to the general public throughout the different regions of Senegal.

AJUPS has a close-knit team with expertise in these fields and from different socio-professional categories working to achieve the objectives set.